Updated October 5, 2004
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Being a smart legal consumer can be the best weapon against lawsuit abuse.

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Lawsuit Hell
How fear of litigation is paralyzing our professions
Small town on the brink
Accident suit forces bankruptcy, workers take extra jobs
Top 5 ridiculous lawsuits of 2003
Frivolous lawsuit fears makes jurors hard to find
Trial lawyers encouraged to strike people of faith from juries
Ambulance-chasing vultures continue to plague San Antonio
Alliances put heat on tort reformers
Beaumont pays most
Beaumont known for torts
Judicial Hellholes
Jury decides rhyme not malicious
Prop. 12 battle was costliest yet
Wacky warning labels
Large Jury Verdicts Earn Texas Two Spots on “TOP 10” List
Rush to the courthouse delays benefits of Prop. 12
Lawyer in tobacco case gets 6 months after overstating his role in settlement
Woman asking judge to cut fen-phen award
Too early to judge the success of Prop. 12
Trial Lawyers, Inc.
With revenues of almost $40 billion per year, the lawsuit industry grosses 50% more than Microsoft or Intel and twice that of Coca-Cola.
As U.S. economy sputters, Trial Lawyers, Inc. continues to rake it in.
Top officers of Trial Lawyers, Inc. haul in sky-high fees for little work.
Trial Lawyers, Inc. supplants elected officials and regulators as a fourth branch of government.
The Best Friends Money Can Buy
Trial Lawyers, Inc. floods the political process with cash.
State high court appointee lauded
Group says Republican chosen to fill unexpired term is evenhanded
City's crash test spawns controversy
Their heart wasn’t in it
Lawyer: Many faked Fen-Phen diagnosis
Medical insurance rates roll back
The Latest Asbestos Scam
Hundreds of asbestos cases at stake in hearing
Judge rejects motion to put asbestos cases on hold
Asbestos victims need legal triage

Asbestos suits target makers of wine, cars, soups, soaps

Bankruptcies explode as the asbestos inferno rages on
For more information
on lawsuit abuse go to www.sickoflawsuits.org
Philip Morris pays damages to burned girl
Somebody has to pay
Will good doctors be there when you need them?
On the fat track to lawsuit abuse
LAWMAKERS CHEER SIGNING—Houston area lawmakers cheer governor’s signing of HB 4 at Mach Industrial, a steel fabricating plant in Houston, which happens to be owned by Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse President Cora Sue Mach. Pictured, from left, are Representatives Beverly Wooley, Joe Nixon and Gary Elkins, State Senator Jon Lindsay, Governor Rick Perry, Representative Bill Callegari, and Cora Sue Mach, President of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.
Proponents cheer tort reform
Governor Perry signs medical lawsuit bill
For Corpus Christi doctors the issue has come full circle
Perry takes pen on the road to sign new legislation
DOCTORS HAIL SIGNING—A bevy of physicians gathered in Houston June 11 for the Governor’s ceremonial signing of House Bill 4, the medical liability reform bill. Pictured are, from left, Drs. Donald Griffith and Robert Komorn, Governor Rick Perry, Texas Medical Association President Dr. Charles Bailey, Jr., Harris County Medical Society President Dr. Kenneth Mattox, as well as Dr. Alan Glombicki.
First thin g, we drop coverage on the lawyers
High Court Upholds Ultimate Sanction in Legal Malpractice Suit
Malpractice Insurance: Reforms must be given a chance to work
Prop. 12 having healing effect on health care
Financial pressures are thinning doctors’ ranks
Prescription: lower legal awards
Texas is a medical catastrophe in the making
Lawyers vs. patients
Commentary: Arbitration offers remedy for ailing legal system
by Jack Lord
San Antonio activist accused of evidence tampering
Chrysler suit says law firm faked evidence
Texas now has insurance reform – no exceptions
WILD WEST EMBARRASMENT NO MORE—Texas joined the mainstream of national jurisprudence with the June 11 signing of House bill 4, the medical liability and lawsuit reform bill. Pictured are, from left, Frank Nadolney, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse President Cora Sue Mach and Executive Director Jon Opelt (back row), Governor Rick Perry, CALA General Counsel Joe Slovacek, and State Rep. Joe Nixon, author of House bill 4.
Rush to beat lawsuit caps all for naught
Texas limits lawsuits
Bill would give attorneys same class-action payout as clients
Tell the voters more about contributors
The Case Against Lawyers
by Catherine Crier
How the Lawyers, Politicians and Bureaucrats have turned the law into an instrument of tyranny -- and what we as citizens have to do about it.

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Insurance for homes may drop 18 percent
Tort turns toxic
Lawsuits wreak havoc on patients, homebuyers, condominium builders and small business owners and employees caught up in the asbestos litigation whirlwind.
The Top Ten Verdicts of 2002
Texas produces the nation's fourth largest award
The insurance crisis isn't over but solutions are on the horizon
Put down the Big Mac and hold the lawsuits
Flabby lawsuits are destined to die of natural causes
Couple sue McDonald’s over tough bagel
McDonald’s obesity suit tossed
Federal judge says complaint fails to prove chain responsible for kids’ weight gain.
Mac Attack
A cancer patient sues McDonald’s contending a peppered burrito caused his nosebleed
SUPREME TORTS: How to get paid a million dollars for your phobias
Suit by foreigners revives Texas fight
Kmart raid could prove very costly
Houston taxpayers may end up shelling out millions of dollars in damages in scores of lawsuits expected over mass arrests; loss of trust also could be part of tab.
Valley doctors seven times more likely to get sued than rest of state
Warning! Do not read this article while showering!
Warning: Fireplace Log May Cause Fire
(Who would have thought?)
Dumbest Warning Labels Get Their Due
Wacky Warning Labels
In War on Tobacco money goes up in smoke
Politics' toothless watchdog
Trial lawyers' cash at issue
Data: Valley malpractice claims highest in Texas
Lawsuits prove value of pets
Congre ss ready to deep fry consumers
Quit the blame ga me
Court rules woman won't get mental anguish money for dog's death
Texas jury hits Wyeth with $1.1 billion verdict
Cooler coffee for $3 million and other lawyer bargains
Insurance fraud: How to spot a personal injury mill
The Top Ten Jury Verdicts of 2001
Texas Produces Nation's Fourth and Eighth largest awards.
Owners' manual Step No. 1: Bang head against the wall
Doctors hope fines will curb frivolous lawsuits
Attorney General wants proof of how tobacco contracts were won
Less than half of Texas' counties have an obstetrician
Court rejects provision limiting Texas judicial hopefuls' speech
Soaring liability costs blamed for non-profit nursing home closures
Half of non-profit nursing homes going "bare"
Court rips $8,800 an hour in legal fees
Justices describe arbitration panel's award as "an unconstitutional gift of public funds" and "completely in outer space".
Texans deserve sworn answers from "tobacco five" lawyers
North Carolina spends settlement on tobacco, not health programs
'Vexatious litigant' vows he will be coming back
Companies are opting out of state workers' comp plan
Texas' comp costs tops among eight states
Tenor of Texas judicial elections could get nastier
Tort lawyers target gambling
If you don't read this column, I'll sue
Senate panels recommends reining in fines and fees by homeowner groups
Appeals court removes "the hammer of foreclosure"
Foreclosure suits filed by homeowners groups add up
Harassing homeowner groups give good ones bad name
Home at Last
Approved settlement overturns eviction of 83-year-old widow
The Tort Mess
Judge: Coffee suit groundless
McDonald's has no obligation to warn customers about hot drinks.
Harris County GOP PAC funded by plaintiff’s lawyers
Healthy smokers lose bid for lung tests
Maybe It's Time to Watch the 'Watchdog '
Secrecy in politics breeds suspicion
We All Pay When Others
File Frivolous Lawsuits
Lawyers Put Profits Above Lives
Trial lawyers have long maintained that they are motivated by concerns for public safety rather than private gain. That claim was exploded recently.
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John Stossel
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Lawsuit Reform Savings
Lead Paint Lawsuits
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President (then Governor) George W. Bush pictured with Cora Sue Mach, President of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Houston.
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