Public Education

Emmy Award-winning reporter John Stossel (left) pictured with Houston CALA Executive Director Jon Opelt.
Houston CALA has made great strides in helping return common sense and fairness to the legal system, while helping reduce liability costs for consumers. We use every means and media imaginable in advancing the anti-lawsuit abuse message including radio, television and billboard advertising. During the past few years, our Speaker's Bureau has given hundreds of speeches locally to business, civic, social and church groups.

Houston CALA has hosted numerous debates and forums including one April, 1997 with ABC News "20/20" Correspondent John Stossel. Since we began our public education campaign ten years ago:

  • Median jury awards in Harris County have dropped 43%
  • A dozen lawsuit reforms have been passed, and
  • More than $2.9 billion in insurance rate reductions have been imposed

Many observers of the legal system believe the public education efforts of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and the resulting changes in public attitudes have had a greater impact on insurance rate reductions than the passage of any single legislative reform.

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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