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1995-Sweeping Changes

The Texas legislature adjourned the 1995 session having passed seven lawsuit reforms. More civil justice reforms were passed during the '95 legislative session than in the previous 16 years combined. The on-going public education program of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse raised public awareness of legal loopholes and abuses . Ultimately, public outcry led to the passage of the specific bills.

“You had the right issue, the right grass roots effort, the right governor and the right legislature. It’s like the planets all lined up. I don’t know if any one of them had been missing, if it would have worked.”

Senator David Sibley (Waco)

Most observers characterized the reform package as moderate measures that will help business yet preserve the rights of plaintiffs.

Individually, there is nothing revolutionary about these laws. Many, if not most, states adopted similar measures years ago. The collective impact, however, should be dramatic. Not only have these measures brought balance and fairness to the system, they have also helped produce $2.9 billion in mandated insurance rate rollbacks.

Some of the reforms went into effect September 1, 1995. Others took effect September 1, 1996.

For a summary of lawsuit reforms adopted in 1995 follow the links below:

Punitive Damages
Joint and Several Liability
Deceptive Trades Practices
Frivolous Lawsuit Sanctions
Medical Practice Liability
Public Servant Liability

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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