CALA Slingshots: Lead Paint
Why Should Safety be a Secret?

Why does it appear that information concerning Spring Branch Independent School District’s lead paint lawsuit is a secret? Virtually everything I know about the lawsuit I learned from the newspaper. Dr. Guthrie had the district’s lawyer call me when I made inquiry about my child’s health and even the lawyer could give me nothing in writing.

My son’s principal at Memorial Middle School only knows what the school board has told her … nothing to worry about. She is unaware of whether or not lead paint exists in the school. The administration’s answer to my questions has been a non-responsive memorandum. Is the lawsuit keeping the administration from being candid with parents?

What criteria has the district used to determine the schools are safe? If only three schools have been tested how do we know that the others are safe? I was told that renovation might cause a risk. How was and is that risk being handled at Rummel Creek Elementary? I have gotten no response to these questions after patiently waiting for 30 days.

Why is our children’s safety a secret?

David Waddell

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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