CALA Slingshots: Lead Paint
Contrary to Other Reports

It has been very frustrating trying to get any information out of the Spring Branch School District on their lead paint lawsuit. As a parent of an SBISD student, I would like to know what schools have been tested and what schools will be tested for the presence of lead paint dangers.

Contrary to Superintendent Hal Guthrie’s comments in the Memorial Spring Branch Sun, parents were kept in the dark throughout the public session at which the lawsuit was approved. Parents remain in the dark because the district has not been forthcoming with answers.

The agenda for the public meeting said nothing about a lead paint lawsuit. No member of the public had any notice that the lawsuit was going to be considered at the meeting and therefore had no meaningful opportunity to comment. Even today, when we ask the most basic questions about the health of our students or the safety of our schools we get vague, or evasive answers.

For the record, the SBISD board went into Executive Session to discuss personnel and possible litigation. They came out of that meeting voting to retain the services of the Bracewell and Patterson law firm. The board did not publicly discuss the purpose of the lawsuit nor did they share the results of any lead paint testing with parents.

Dr. Guthrie now claims that all district buildings are safe. How do we know they are safe if only three buildings have been tested? What did the district find among the campuses they did test and what did the district do to make those buildings safe?

If the schools are safe why are we filing a lawsuit? If the schools are unsafe why are district officials not telling the parents?

Jon Opelt, Executive Director
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse/Houston

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