CALA Slingshots: Judicial Selection
Put More Minorities on Bench

Craig McDonald makes a valid point and then seems to miss the mark in his Nov. 9 Viewpoints letter, "Reform judicial selection system."

Granted, our system of selecting judges in Texas is flawed and arcane. Other states have adopted measures which have taken the money and the politics out of the judicial selection process, and many think Texas should do the same.

Many Texans, both active in politics and current members of our judicial system, have favored judicial reform, even though reform efforts have repeatedly failed in the Legislature.

The Texas Supreme Court 11 years ago was widely viewed as activist, politicized and far from fair. Apparently, this did not bother either McDonald or the personal injury lawyers who often benefited from the court's decisions.

Now that we have more restrained and conservative judges on the bench, McDonald wants to change the selection process. That would be just fine, provided we change for the right reasons.

Bias has no place in our courts. There is no such thing as Democratic justice or Republican justice. There is only justice. The only thing litigants should ask for or accept is a fair and just court.

Getting money and politics out of the system and putting more women and minorities on the bench would further that goal.

Jon Opelt
Executive Director
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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