CALA Slingshots: Judicial Selection
No Public Interest Served

The group Texas Citizen Action has been incessantly critical of recent Texas Supreme Court rulings. However, when pressed at a news conference last week in Austin, Walt Borges, director of their Court Watch program, admitted he has been unable to find a correlation between campaign contributions and the court's rulings or party affiliations and rulings.

In fact, several of the majority opinions were written by Rose Spector, a Democrat and the supposed liberal arm of the court. Oddly, a July 23 Viewpoints letter by Texans For Public Justice alleged many of the same points that Court Watch had publicly disavowed a few days previously. It seems that the only interest some of these "public interest" groups watch is that of the personal injury lawyers.

Rather than dishing out unfounded criticism, these stone-throwers would be better served by offering constructive solutions to improving the judicial selection process and ensuring the objectivity of the court.

Jon Opelt
Executive Director
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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