CALA Slingshots : Gun Maker Lawsuits
Missing the Target

I am a sportsman. A female but a sportsman nonetheless. My husband and I shoot clay targets in competition. I do not own a pistol but I can appreciate that many people feel the need for a handgun for self-defense. Admittedly, bad things, tragic things happen with guns. However, disarming the law-abiding public is not the solution. Pointing the blame at gun makers is nothing more than a convenient cop-out.

The cause of gun violence is the misuse of guns by reckless, desperate or dangerous people. Cars can be used as a weapon but we don't take cars away from drivers. Rather, we take reckless drivers off the road. Technology can prevent a car being started if alcohol fumes are detected on the driver or inside the vehicle. We don't hold automakers responsible for drunk driving.

A governor can be placed on a car restricting its ability to exceed a certain speed limit. Is Detroit responsible for its failure to prevent speeding motorists? Similarly, why should we hold gun manufacturers responsible for the illegal acts of others?

Even the comparisons between gun makers and the tobacco industry are disjointed. The tobacco industry intends that their product be smoked. When used as intended, tobacco can harm the user. The same is not true of firearms. Gun manufacturers do not intend their product be used for unlawful deaths. But do gun retailers take reasonable measures to ensure that guns don't get in the hands of reckless or criminal types? That should be our focus.

  Cora Sue Mach, President
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