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FBI probes big jury awards in Mississippi

The Night Before Christmas - Legally Speaking

Homebuilding standards held high

Insurers won’t say when rates will drop

Despite trial lawyer pronouncements damage caps are relatively common

Poll: Most Texans support limits on lawsuit damages

To cap or not to cap? YES: Access to health care depends on it
To cap or not to cap? NO: Don't deprive Texans of their day in court
Lopsided fund-raising reported in campaign over lawsuit limits

Texas needs cap on lawsuits

Most Texans favor cap in medical malpractice

Ruling allows for HMO suits
Court clears path for state-based safeguards
Poll Finds Critics of HMO's, But Few Who Want to Sue
People are not grasping a huge fundamental difference between the competing patients' rights legislation.
Texas courts rank low for litigation fairness
GOP candidates blast trial lawyers


Special session getting chance at asbestos bill

Bonds’ No. 73 sets no records at auction
After legal fees, the sale was a virtual wash.

The Accutane story is all scare, and no science
Clearly something was troubling the young Florida boy who flew a plane into a Tampa high rise, but it wasn't Accutane.
Mother of teen-age suicide pilot files suit
Asbestos measure added to bill to reduce lawsuits

Pending change in tort statutes spurs lawsuits

Senate sets ballot date for lawsuit reform

Proposal would let voters pick method of selecting judges

Tort law overhaul advances

Abbott asks right question
Attorney General right to question outrageous fees being paid to Enron lawyers in drawn-out bankruptcy proceedings.
Arthur Andersen loses its Texas accounting license
Innocent suffer when a company is punished
Innocent of everything and guilty of nothing, a file clerk in Chicago may lose her job and savings because someone foolishly shredded everything in sight.
A summary of the Enron aftermath
Directors and officers facing fight over liability policies
Associate professor claims executives who were aware of cooked books or serious problems could be severed from D&O policy, while those who were unaware of the problems may still receive coverage.
End Run
Lawyers representing the various Enron defendants complain the Fleming lawyers are skirting the law.
Judge names university as lead plaintiff
Grim outlook for Enron workers
Odds workers will get Enron payoff: 'slim'. 401(k) holders are the last to recover losses under bankruptcy law.

Senate OKs medical award caps

House OKs malpractice awards cap

Malpractice crisis: Texas Legislature must act quickly on reforms

Senate committee approves lawsuit reform bill with cumulative $500,000 cap
A constitutional amendment to permit limits is also proposed

Bogus claims shortchange asbestos victims

$116 trillion lawsuit filed by 9/11 families
Leading a fight against terrorism
Legal Eagles, Beating Back the Vultures
Study: Sept. 11 influenced jury awards
Controlling lawsuit costs will bolster economy

Panel aims to expedite tort bill

Taxpayers pay handsomely to perpetuate lawsuit industry

Texas House tentatively OKs lawsuit reform

After fighting, lawsuit reform bill passes Texas House

Governor Perry vows malpractice reform

Limits on lawsuits: Are they inevitable?

Lawsuit reforms offered

Lawsuit reform bill filed in Texas House

Malpractice, tort bills may combine
Texas lawmaker will ask committee to join measures

Malpractice insurance rate rollback given OK

Fat is as fat does
Isn't anyone responsible for anything anymore?

Hold the French fries for fast-food hungry lawyers

You're fat, Who can you sue?

Don't overlook Texas Supreme Court's contests

Supreme Court Vacancies Swell

Insurers' rates test governor hopefuls

Reject lawyer money, candidate urged

Abbott should investigate new tobacco claims

Halliburton hunkers down to fend off asbestos lawsuits
Decades-old problem is spiraling out of control as plaintiffs' attorneys win big verdicts based on exposure to the deadly fibers even before symptoms appear.

Texas caught in death-by lawsuit spiral
Victims' compensation too often far exceeds all limits of common sense

Cornyn decries 'frivolous' lawsuits, calls for reform

Your polling place
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Supreme Court candidate comparison
Judicial candidate comparison Harris County ballot races

George Will: Lawsuit reform now

Tobacco lawyers fill Frost fund

Appeals court to consider whether foreign cases should be in Texas

Group calls on Congress for new mold research

Attacks on Justice Owen unjustified

Motive questioned in pipeline suit

Lawyers on Trial
Has litigation become more of a burden to society than a safeguard?

Jumbo Jury Awards Continue
Texas Produces Nation’s Fifth Largest Verdict in 2000. Lawyers Weekly announces the nation’s largest verdicts for 2000.

Money is root of Judge Ray's loss, group says

Supreme Court candidate Ray defends campaign spending, SUV purchase

Judge's spending comes under fire

Bulk of Ray's campaign funds from personal injury lawyers

Comp costs at issue

28 running for seats on high courts

Trial Lawyers Association calls for moratorium on civil lawsuits

ATLA web site "A National Tragedy" - 11/01

Opportunities for Abuse as Big as Ever in Lone Star State - 6/01

Outlived its Usefulness - 6/01

Lawsuits Prolong Recovery - 6/01

Briefly Stated - 4/01

Governor Bushwhacked Over Lawsuit Savings - 3/01

Unpleasant "Courting" Experiences - 3/01

Jackpot Justice - 2/01

Unmasking the Scariest Lawsuits - 2/01

Dilly of a Lawsuit - 1/01

Election 2000 -11/00

Summary of Recently Passed Reforms - 10/00

Minorities Rarely Winners in Class-Action Lawsuits - 10/00

$7 Billion Junk Fax Lawsuit Junked - 9/00

Grim Setback for Democracy - 9/00

PC Maker Flops Over - 5/00

Runoff Election 2000 -4/00

Bush's Trial with the Trial Lawyers - 3/00

Petition Your Elected Official - 3/00

Summary of Recently Passed Reforms - 3/00

Another Way to Cry - 3/00

Merry Season for Greedy Grinches - 1/00

Honoring an Obligation - 1/00

Pocketbook Justice - 1/00

A Microsoft Suit With a Sure Winner - 1/00

John Stossel Doesn't Mince Words - 12/99

That Blasted $7 Billion Fax - 12/99

Shielded Documents - 11/99

Texas on Firm Ground? - 11/99

Holding Abuses to a Simmer - 10/99

Toothbrush Lawsuits - 9/99

Court Curbs Out-of-State Lawsuits - 9/99

What Would I Ask Former Attorney General Dan Morales in the Grand Jury Investigation? - 8/99

Justice For Sale? You Decide. - 8/99

Failed Reforms 76th Texas Legislature - 7/99

"Lawsuit Tax" Adds a Hidden Cost
to Consumer Goods and Services - 6/99

Legislature Blazes New Trail
with Lawsuit Reforms - 6/99

Dan Morales & Marc Murr Have Some
Explaining to do to All Texans - 6/99

Houston Drivers Poised
for Insurance Savings - 6/99

Proposed Lawsuit Reforms
76th Texas Legislature - 6/99

Justice is Not for Sale - 4/99

Want to be a Billionaire? - 3/99

Election '98 Non-partisan Comparison
of Judicial Candidates - 11/98

Smoke Screens and Political Wrangling - 10/98

Ethics Up In Smoke - 9/98

Texans Want Answers Not Smoke - 9/98

Awaiting the Expense Report - 6/98

Lawsuit Tarnish Remains - 6/98

Fired Up Over Fees in Texas Tobacco Suit - 5/98

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