CALA Slingshots : Texas Supreme Court
Let’s See Proof of Judicial Bias

A federal lawsuit attempting to overturn Texas’ judicial selection process apparently hinges on a single report issued by Texans For Public Justice. As the people’s lawyer, Attorney General John Cornyn is compelled to investigate the credibility of that report.

Contrary to the protests of TFPJ ( “Watchdog Group Accuses Cornyn of ‘Harassment’ “, Houston Chronicle, Sept. 1, 2000 ), it is not “piling on” to ask an accuser to prove his or her accusations. If justice is “for sale” in our courts then TFPJ should be able to provide examples of baseless decisions lacking in sound legal reasoning. To date, they have not done so.

The TFPJ study “Payola Justice” does not contain a single piece of evidence that any of the current Texas Supreme Court justices at any time changed their vote or let their vote be influenced by campaign contributions. In 27 cases cited , big contributors lost their case before the high court.

If there is evidence of improper influence let’s see it.

Jon Opelt
Executive Director
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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