CALA Slingshots : Suits Against Cigarette Makers
Alarming Contradiction

A California judge recently reduced the jury award to a cancer-stricken smoker from $3 billion to a mere $100 million. We are to believe this is reasonable, I guess.

Cancer is a horrible disease, but awarding $100 million to one individual who smoked for more than 30 years is ridiculous. Like many others, the man started smoking while just a teen. Oddly, he claims he didn't know the risks of smoking until the mid-1990s. For me, the kicker was that he had previously overcome a heroin addiction.

How is it that -- minus a product warning -- he was aware of the health risks of using heroin, but for 30 years (while exposed to thousands of warnings), somehow he missed the fact that smoking is harmful to one's health?

The contradiction is alarming.

John Fedorko, Houston

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