CALA Slingshots: Asbestos
Asbestos lawsuits without end?

Asbestos, a product that was pulled off the market decades ago, continues to generate lawsuits at an accelerating pace. Thank you for running the editorial detailing how automakers have become the latest target in the trial lawyers' cross hairs ("Asbestos lawyers on the march," May 26).

People who are not sick and probably never will be sick from asbestos contamination account for 80 percent of all asbestos-related claims. The enormity of premature claims has delayed and diluted fair compensation for the seriously ill. So many companies have been driven into bankruptcy that those truly injured may be left without anyone from whom to collect.

Judges and lawmakers need to find a way to move the sick to the front of the line and defer lawsuits from those who are merely trying to beat the statute of limitations in the unlikely event they ever do get sick.

Jon Opelt
Executive director
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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