CALA Slingshots: Medical Liability
Up to the judges

Clearly, public opinion is overwhelmingly in the doctors' corner. The only sympathy for the lawyers' cause comes from within the legal and judicial system itself, most notably from District Judge Jack Hunter, whose public position is most disappointing.

The judge's notion that lawyers would actually police themselves and sit down with physicians to bargain curtailment of their lucrative ambush of the medical profession is totally absurd and outrageous.

I have never felt comfortable with the professional and social closeness that exists between many attorneys and judges in whose court they argue cases. I often wonder if lawyers outside of "the good ole boy gang" really enter court on a level playing field.

The solution to malpractice suit abuse is squarely on the shoulders of our judges, who are absolute masters of their courts.

If justice is to be fairly administered, these judges need to get the "stuff" out of the necks, face up to lawyers and their attacks on medicine, and trash these cases at the onset, even at the risk of hurting the feelings of a "good ole boy."

Michael L. Baker

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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