Class Action Lawsuits

I won’t be a party to this…
Don't invite me to be a party to a class-action lawsuit that results in giving me a coupon while a bunch of lawyers get more than $3 million.

Class action lawsuits should function more for people and less for lawyers

Restoring Class to Class Actions

More actions without class

Accountable to Nobody, Class Actions
Bad Behavior by Lawyers

Having invented a client, the lawyers also get to choose a court.

Some class actions benefit everyone but the consumer

Consumers Get Short Shrift
Class Actions Benefit Lawyers at the Expense of Consumers

Minorities Rarely Winners
In Class-Action Lawsuits

Personal injury lawyers have long touted their work as noble and altruistic—saving poor consumers,
union workers and minorities from the unbridled greed of Corporate America. The reality, unfortunately, is far different.

$7 Billion Junk Fax Lawsuit Junked
A $7 billion lawsuit accusing 80 Houston businesses of sending unwanted faxes was dismissed in state district court.

PC Maker Flops Over
No consumer complaints; no problem. Computer giant Toshiba settles class action lawsuit for an astounding $1 billion.

Merry Christmas for Greedy Grinches
Class members get nothing in toy settlement.

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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