Medical Liability

Patients are victims of "lawsuit gang"
Frivolous lawsuits are not just an irritant; they may limit access to physicians.

Governing Texas: medical examiners need powers--and will

Frivolous lawsuits leading to 'medical meltdown'

Med mal carriers dwindle from 17 to four

Insurance Commissioner: 6,000 doctors may lose liability coverage in coming year

Doctors forced to limit or deny patient care

Power of Attorneys
Major problems facing the medical community can be traced to lawyers and greed.

Fighting Back
Doctors Seek New Remedy to Fight Frivolous Lawsuits
In his 18 years of practice McAllen heart surgeon Norman Hetzler had never been sued. That changed two years ago when he was hit with eight malpractice suits in rapid succession.

Bill might cap hospitals' damages

Senate’s revised civil liability measure would set $750,000 cap

Community clinic turns away patients due to lawsuit concerns

Using the system to intimidate doctors

Malpractice fight to spark anew in Texas Legislature

Bill would limit malpractice-suit awards

Malpractice lotto: Patients the losers

Valley doctors caught in ”Lawsuit war zone"

Lift the siege of greed

Obstetricians dwindle amid high malpractice costs

Corpus Christi judge proposes medical review panels

Valley cited for number of cases, large judgments

Malpractice suits in large numbers for Valley doctors

Doctors, patients turn out to support medical liability insurance reform

Governor wants legislation to stem medical lawsuits

Malpractice Costs Take Toll on Texas Doctors

Bush proposes cap on medical liability lawsuits

Corpus Christi lawyer fined $50,000 for filing frivolous lawsuits against two doctors

Doctors staging walkout

Fighting for change

Valley doctors protest soaring insurance costs

Hundreds join pickets

Doctors rally for lawsuit remedy

Medical liability diagnosis: Critical

Crushing cost of insurance

Frivolous actions out of control

The doctor is out
Valley physicians justified in April 8 work stoppage.

Doctors offices to close for April 8 march against lawsuit abuse

Malpractice claims hurt South Texas

Editorial: patients, doctors need more than promises

South Texas doctors eye walkout

Malpractice claims hurt South Texas

Soaring malpractice premiums stun many doctors

Doctors: Lawsuits will hurt patient care

Walkout' planned by physicians

Lawsuit was initiated without condsent of the patient

The team that triggered a malpractice shootout

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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