Mold in the home: Health hazard or hype?

A parasitic plague spreads
Trial lawyers make more and more money off mold despite the lack of scientific evidence

Doctors find no evidence mold is inherently deadly

Texans' worries about mold are way out of hand

Protecting your home from mold

Effectively handling water damage and mold claims: A consumer guide

Texas has less than 8 percent of nation's population but 75 percent of all mold claims

Mold becoming toxic problem for lenders

Market forces can solve mold insurance problem
By Norman E. Adams

Cooked' houses: Restoration companies accused of growing mold to inflate claims

Tackling questions on mold coverage

There's mold in them thar policies

Appellate judges scrub mold scare

Catching on to mold scams

Mold cleanup rules lacking
With money to be made and little in the way of oversight, mold remediators proliferated like the fungi they were hired to eradicate.

Mold cases could have a rotten effect

Mold claims maraud through our legal system

Mold Claims in Nueces Questioned

Mold fears overblown,
experts say

Health officials say the term "killer mold" was made up by the media. Would any of us pay attention to a program called "Mold can make us sneeze?"

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