Texas Tobacco Suit

Want to be a Billionaire?
Law Professor argues for excess-profits tax on tobacco windfall.

What Would I Ask Former Attorney General
Dan Morales in the Grand Jury Investigation?

CALA asks some probing questions which remain unanswered in the aftermath of the Texas tobacco litigation.

Texans Want Answers, Not Smoke
Mason-Dixon Poll shows Texans want answers and not stonewalling or misdirection, regarding services rendered by private lawyers in the tobacco deal.

Smoke Screens and Political Wrangling
Former Attorney General accused of presenting a surprisingly jaundiced view of tobacco resolution.

Ethics Up in Smoke
The higher the fees tort lawyers get, the greater the share they take of injured clients’ recoveries, law professor claims.

Shielded Documents
Trial lawyers tried to keep legal proceedings from public view.

Texas on Firm Ground?
Did the five private lawyers who settled the state’s tobacco lawsuit breach their fiduciary duty to the taxpayers of Texas in order to cut a lucrative deal for themselves?

Dan Morales and Marc Murr
Have Some Explaining to Do

Of all the suspicious dealings associated with the Texas tobacco lawsuit, perhaps none is so blatant as Houston attorney Marc Murr’s claim for a $260 million fee.

Fired Up Over Fees
In Texas Tobacco Suit

Former Attorney General Dan Morales and now-President George W. Bush make the case for and against gargantuan attorney fees.

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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