Bizarre and Offbeat

Fox News loses attempt to block satirist’s book

Seeking a redress of lap-dance surcharges

Yates shrink nuts over show

Starbucks suit is a lot of bock

Man Sues “Wheel of Fortune” for Injury

Parents sue school over Wi-Fi

Killer’s Mom seeks workers’ comp benefits

Man wants to question Parrot in court

Bonds No. 73 ball: a story of greed
It ended as many stories of greed do. The lawyers won.

Suit to ban Oreos in California crumbles

Teacher sues student over hall collision

Woman who ran over husband named in lawsuit

Lawyers claim Big Macs make kids fat

Judge orders God to break up into smaller Deities (spoof)

Father files suit after son fails to win MVP award

Building to Suit
Evicting squatters was hardly the end to this homeowner's ordeal

Death by chocolate?

Woman sues Delta Airlines; says humiliated over sex toy

Range War
The shootout over gun club safety

Hell's Litigants
Creative breakthroughs in the everyone's-a-victim movement.

Canuck conundrum: Cash demanded for drug users, hookers and homeless disrupted by film crews

Airline sued for $5 million over lost cat

'Hillside Strangler' files claim for lost wages, emotional distress

Duffus (pronounced Doofus?) files suit against GM claiming mold in Cadillac sports utility vehicle caused depression

Foul Ball
America's favorite pastime is threatened by frivolous lawsuits.

Just in Time for Halloween—More Scary Lawsuits

Should Every Dog Get its Day in Court?
Lawsuit names dog as the plaintiff seeking damages for emotional distress.

Suing over Circumcision
William Stowell is suing the hospital where he was born, claiming that his adult sex life is not as much fun for him and his partners as it might have been because it subjected him as an infant to the surgical procedure of circumcision.

Best of the Bizarre
In the great American tradition, hundreds of thousands of Americans go to court each year—sometimes for the wackiest of reasons.

Wacky Warning Labels
Actual label instructions on consumer goods.

Unpleasant “Courting” Experiences
This Valentine’s Day you’d probably like to be anywhere but in a courtroom.

Dilly of a Lawsuiit
It’s America’s latest fast-food riddle: Q: When does a pickle equal $125,000? A: When it’s the basis of a high-priced lawsuit.

Unmasking the Scariest Lawsuits
Journey with us into the macabre, the bizarre, and the scary. All it takes is a short trip to the local courthouse.

Buck Off
Bar X feeds the deer—and gets fed up with lawsuit threats.

Lawyers and Other Reptiles
A California lawyer has filed a $100,000 libel lawsuit against GTE Directories Sales Corp., alleging that the publisher listed her name and phone number in at least one Yellow Pages Directory under “Reptiles”.

Baseball’s Looniest Lawsuits

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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