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1999-Holding Abuses to a Simmer
Lawsuit Reforms 76th Texas Legislature

1995 was the year of sweeping legal reform in Texas. Two years later, new procedural rules were adopted to address summary judgment and out of state lawsuits. In 1999 the legislature did something quite unique. Rather than allow problems to boil over, lawmakers identified and closed lawsuit loopholes before they occurred.

Guns, computer glitches and gargantuan attorney fees highlighted legal reforms passed during the 1999 legislative session. Also measures were adopted to encourage honest job references, jury service, aid to those in need, and protect the use of legal self-help tools.

Lawsuit reforms enacted during the 1999 session include the following:

Contingency Fee Contracts With State Government
Gun Maker Lawsuits
Honest Job References
Legal Self-Help
Juror Protection
Good Samaritan Law/Charitable Immunity
Good Samaritan Law/Defibrillator Use

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